Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awake and gaggy

Reagan didn't sleep much at all last night. Mike stayed up with her from 12-2 (while I took a little nap) and she dozed off and on. When I got up with her at 2am, she was wide awake. She only dozed for a couple minutes (after having a big dirty diaper) and then that was it...she was WIDE awake the rest of the night and she's been wide eyed awake all day. She's been pretty gaggy today. She's only thrown up twice, but she's been making coughing/gagging noises off and on all day. She's still very tense and stressed and having lots of chorea but she's mellowed out a lot and hasn't been fussy at all. Her hands and feet have been ice cold all day, but tonight they are starting to go back to normal. Now we just have to get her sleeping again!!! I know I'm beyond tired...I can only imagine how she must feel. Prayers for sleep and good days to come are much appreciated!!!

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