Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another great day

Reagan slept well last night, going to bed fairly early and then sleeping through til after 8! She woke all smiles and has been as sweet as can be all day today. She had three therapies today, OT, Speech, and PT. She did well in all of them with the exception of speech (she fell asleep only a few minutes after her therapist got here). She's had another great day today. We took her for a walk this afternoon and stopped by to visit our neighbor that just adores her! He's 80yrs old and tells everyone about his bond with Reagan. He gets up close and talks directly to her...Reagan loves it. She's laying on the floor right now watching "the best of Elmo" and talking to the tv (no sign of sleepiness though)! She's such a doll!

Reagan and Uncle Johnny

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Jackson's Blog said...

So sweet! Need to see her! She has grown so much!