Sunday, June 26, 2011


We think Reagan slept last night. Although when I got up this morning she was already awake in her bed with all her covers kicked off and she was cold. I was encouraged by the fact that she wasn't crying, but she was "off". She was definitely more zoned out and doing her crazy I knew we were in trouble. The crying started later right around noonish. There have been a lot of tears today. She's trying to bite her hands nonstop. We've been thinking about the fact that these arm restraints and gloves just aren't working for her. We're thinking maybe she needs something along the lines of a helmet (with mouth guard), so she can't bite herself or anyone else! It's pathetic that it has to come to this...but we can't just let her bite her fingers off! I think we need to talk to someone at the orthotics place about it. Reagan did take a few naps today, but they didn't last long. I'm not too hopeful about getting any sleep tonight. She's so tense, but you can tell in her eyes, she's exhausted! Please say some extra prayers for her...she's really feeling miserable right now!

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Shonda said...

Praying for the tears and bad days to just go away already. This sweet girl needs some happy times and good sleep. Miss you guys!

Hugs for Reagan