Monday, June 27, 2011

Fussy but sleepy

Reagan fell asleep a little after midnight last night. We were afraid to move her too much, so we just laid her in the recliner (reclined) in the living room, and I slept on the sofa. I really thought it would only last an hour or two if I was lucky, but she actually slept through til 5:30am or so (I left to take my mom to the airport at 5am). Mike said the dog snoring woke her up! When I got home at 6:15am, she was in bed with Mike, both of them fast asleep, mouths wide open. They slept til about 7:45am and Reagan woke up when Mike had to get up to go to work. She's been pretty miserable and crying a lot when awake, but thankfully she's slept off and on most of the day. There were times that she was just moany/fussy and then there were times that she'd cry out and really seemed to be in pain. I just wish we could help her! She's been a little more alert this afternoon/night. Her nurse put her in her brown chair this afternoon before she left and she's been more content there than anywhere else. A funny story...I walked out of the room to put some clothes in the washer and when I got back I caught Reagan just before she could chomp down on her hand! She had worked her right arm restraint off and was about to bite into her finger just as I grabbed her hand! What are we going to do with this girl?!?!? She also bit her nurse on the shoulder today! She's trouble! Just another reason why some sort of helmet with something over the mouth would work better than things put on her arms or hands (that tend to do more damage than good). One more story...I forgot to mention it yesterday...but Reagan played peek-a-boo yesterday with me! First time EVER! Even though she was already not feeling well, she still managed to have some good moments. I was holding her on my lap (trying to keep her from crying) and she would put her head down in the crook of my arm (covering her whole face, eyes and all). I'd say "Where did Reagan go?" "Where is Reagan??" And then she'd push back into extension and lift her head up and look at me and I'd say "There she is!!" There's Reagan"!! She did it over and over again! It was so cute. She had complete and total control of it and she was actually "playing" with me...something I've never seen her do! Very exciting. Unfortunately we haven't had any moments like that today. We're just struggling to keep her from crying. It's funny how the more you try, the less it seems to help. Holding her doesn't do much good (although it's better than laying her down). But put her in her chair and leave her alone, she's quiet as can be (still stressed and having lots of chorea, but quiet). I think she finally wore herself out though because she fell asleep on me and she's now resting comfortably in the recliner. Maybe we'll get lucky and get some more sleep tonight! Please continue to keep her in your prayers...

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