Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last night was a little rocky. Reagan fell asleep around 9:30pm but we didn't get to bed til 11:30 (bad choice)! She was sleeping in the recliner again so Mike moved her video monitor into the living room in an attempt for me to get some sleep in my own bed. But for some reason the monitor kept getting staticy (is that a word) and I just couldn't sleep with that noise in my ear, so I got up and laid on the sofa again. Well, it wasn't long before Reagan was back up. She woke at 12:30am with a wet diaper but was furious with me when I tried to change her! She just hates being put down when she's like this! Eventually she fell back asleep but it only lasted an hour or so and then she was back up again. This happened several times last night, so needless to say, neither of us got very much sleep. This morning she was moany so I was holding her over my shoulder (only minutes before the nurse walked in) and Reagan bit into my shoulder! I literally had to pull her off of me! She broke the skin again (I still have a scar on my arm from the last time she bit me) and she even tore my shirt she was clamped on so tight! I don't know what we're going to do with this girl! After that she seemed to calm down a bit...I guess she just needed to take out her frustration on me?!?!? She was surprisingly quiet most of the morning. She'd get frustrated with diaper changes, but calm down once she was picked back up. She had both OT and PT today. Her OT worked with her on the ipad for a while until she fell asleep (although that didn't last long). We finally got the positioning arm in that I ordered last month and I just LOVE it (the articulating arm from RJ Cooper). We can attach it to anything to get the ipad in just the right position for Reagan (without having to hold it ourselves). It makes it SO much easier to use the ipad! I wish I would have ordered it sooner! Then this afternoon Reagan had PT. I was amazed that she tolerated about 30min in her stander without a peep...after that she started to get a little grumpy so we took her out. Overall, it's been a much better day today. No real crying and very little moaning/fussing. She's still stressed and not happy (as demonstrated by the scowl on her face) but she's much better than she's been, so I am encouraged. Tonight she's been giving us some laughs (crazy laughs, but laughs nonetheless), so that's always a good sign. Please keep it in your prayers that we can all get some sleep tonight!

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Zoey's mom said...

Oh.my.gosh ... you were not kidding when I talked to you this morning and you said she bite you ... I cannot believe that bite mark.Good thing the child is so very darling!

Still haven't gotten our iPad.Hoping it it comes this week.Had no idea the arm takes so long to get.We should have ordered that ages ago.

Praying for sleep and nice long string of good,giggly,smiley days.