Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good with a hint of fussy

Reagan has had another good day today. Sleep wasn't perfect last night. She fell asleep and then woke literally one minute after I crawled into bed (after midnight). She was really moving around a lot, so I decided to just pick her up and watch some late night tv with her. She was asleep and back in bed by 1:15am. She slept through til 6am and then she was wide awake. Mike put her in bed with us, but she was moving and "talking" the whole time. She's actually been very vocal all day. She had speech, PT, and "school" today and did really well for all of them. She was definitely less sleepy today...she's been full of energy...moving, moving, moving. The good mood lasted all day and then tonight she had a few fussy/crazy episodes but then cheered back up and was precious the most of the night. This is the first sign of fussiness in almost a week (since she was in the hospital)...we've been blessed to have so many good days with our girl (Grandma is hoping she's got a few good days left in her because she flies in tomorrow morning). Thank you for all of your continued prayers!!

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Shonda said...

Im sure she will have some SMILES and KISSES for Grandma. Hope you have a good weekend.