Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleep at last

Our girl finally slept! Thank you God. Seriously! Last night when Mike laid her down in bed, you could just tell, she was more asleep than she had been in days. It was a hard sleep. A good sleep. She actually slept through the night and didn't wake up til 3pm today. She woke with about relief. She wasn't overly happy...just enough to know she felt better. She was having some issues choking on her spit and moving her tongue around a lot (I'm guessing her throat is probably sore after throwing up so much), but over all she didn't really seem to be nauseous anymore (another thank God). She was only awake for a couple hours (if that) before she fell back asleep again. She's got days of missed sleep to catch up on. She did wake back up at 9pm so hopefully we can get her to go back to sleep sometime before midnight. We are having some continuing issues with her peeing. Even though we've increased her fluid intake (from 800 to 1000mls a day), when she has a "bad" streak, everything shuts down and that includes peeing. The day before yesterday (and the day before that) she only had 3 wet diapers. Yesterday she only had one (with two doses of lasix). Today she had two...the first one we had to put some warm water on her hand in order to get her to go (thank goodness that worked) and the second with the help of lasix. Problem is, she tends to not go when she's sleeping. So when she sleeps the whole day...well, she just doesn't want to go. Hopefully everything will get back on track tomorrow. It sure will be nice to have our happy girl back again. Please keep it in your prayers that she's back to her happy healthy self by tomorrow!


Jamie - AZ said...

So glad Reagan slept and stopped throwing up! She so needs a break. We will continue to pray as always for the princess! :)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Thank heavens for sleep!! Now I hope she starts peeing more.