Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alopecia Areata??

Reagan was a real turkey last night. She was awake most of the night...laughing and talking up a storm. I laid in bed with her a few times but I just couldn't get her to go back to sleep. Despite the lack of sleep, she's actually been in a great mood today. She did make a couple coughing/gagging noises this morning that had me really worried, but she managed to snap out of it. We had another early doctors appt this morning...this time Dermatology. This appt wasn't as timely as yesterday's appt. First we saw a resident and then we saw the attending along with a whole ton of med students. They all seem to think the same thing...Reagan does NOT have ringworm (although they can't be 100% certain until they check the culture in another couple weeks). Instead she has something called alopecia areata (basically hair loss in small areas...usually round or oval shaped)...it's kind of an autoimmune reaction. The red bumps she had before have now faded to pink spots that now have no hair on them (I'll have to post pictures tomorrow). The doctor says that this is not related to any of Reagan's other diagnoses (she just falls into another lucky tiny percentage of people that get this for no particular reason), although I have seen some evidence online that it might occur more often in people with mito. There were two options for treatment...steriod injections at the site (ouch!) or a topical solution that we come in and they apply it monthly. We chose the second (less painful) option. Hopefully this helps it grow back. Unfortunately there's no way to really prevent it from happening in other areas, so we just have to hope that this is it. After the doctors appt, we came home and Reagan had both OT and PT. She did great for both. Her head control was very good today and both therapists were super impressed. Her happy attitude continued all day and into the night...I just hope she is able to wind down and get some sleep tonight. We're all a little sleep deprived right now!


Clarissa said...

hmmm, I wonder if that is what caused Abigail's round spot of hair to fall out? Only hers has started growing back on its own. weird.
glad Reagan is happy! praying it continues! God bless!

Landon Michael said...

Sorry to hear you have another hurdle! My friend actually has it also(she's 26 with no health issues). She did the shots and said it was awful...so I agree with trying the second option! Hope things look up!

I just saw your post about the ng tubes...that would be awesome!! What type are they? We are still battling the drinking issue!