Monday, October 25, 2010

Holy terror!

Last night was another super long night. Reagan woke up only an hour or so after we put her to bed. She was VERY fussy, crying nonstop! Mike got up and helped me get her back to sleep. Unfortunately that only lasted an hour or so before she was back up again. This time she was a little less hysterical. She and I watched some tv for a couple hours and then she fell back to sleep. I put her in her bed for another hour or so before she woke again. We sat up for another hour or so until she fell asleep. She woke again less than an hour later (around 6am ish) but she wasn't fussing so I just left her and she eventually fell back to sleep on her own. She then slept til about 11am...which was the longest stretch she slept all night. She woke cranky though and has been fussing/crying most of the day. When I say fussing/crying...I don't think you really understand what we're dealing with. It's a crazy, schizophrenic she's screaming at herself. It really is more of a yell than a cry. And it's nonstop, all day long! She's gotten increasingly hoarse as the day has gone on and I'm sure that's not helping her mood. She's still very spitty and she's even developing a red rash on the left side of her chin because of it. She hasn't really been gaggy today but she did make a few gaggy type faces here and there...I'm sure that's because she's trying to manage the extra spit from all the crying. She's also moving a lot and constantly trying to bite her hand. When you hold her over your arm or on your shoulder, she opens her mouth and puts her teeth on you! She doesn't actually bite down, but she does remind me of a little vampire! Needless to say, she has been a holy terror today! Tonight we're trying a double dose of Clonidine to try to settle her down. I hope she at least gets a couple hours of rest and wakes a little less crazy!


clarissa said...

i think i know what kind of screams you are talking about... almost like a screeching cat, but not always very loud (and sometimes very loud)? thats what Abigail does when her movements act up, along with trying to bite constantly! kinda like a wild animal. poor babies! will be praying that you all get a good nights sleep and wake up to a good day tomorrow! May God's peace be with you! *hugs*

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope that you all get a better night's sleep tonite. I hate that screaming. It's a crazy manic sound and it is grating. Emily does that on her really bad days. She doesn't bit herself like Reagan, but she does but us. All the time - when she's upset or too wiggly and can't control it, she bites us. She also bends over and bites her pants. Grabs the knee of them and just yanks with her teeth.

Anyway, I hope you guys are SOUND ASLEEP right now!!

Cjengo said...

omg, I could have written this blog, no joke this is exactly what Jude has been doing even down to biting his hand!!!