Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too sleepy

Reagan fell asleep last night at 9:30pm...she was pretty cranky, I'm guessing she was just exhausted from the lack of sleep. Then she woke crying only an hour later but Grandma rocked her and got her back in bed by 11pm. I woke up at 5am to take my mom to the airport and I was thrilled when I realized she was still asleep. I came back home, went back to sleep, got up and gave her all of her medicines...and she was still asleep. She actually didn't wake up til 11:30am and that was with some help from me. She seemed happy when she first woke up, we got her dressed and fixed her hair but the crankies set back in. Her OT came to work with her and Reagan cried most of the time. She was having some gas though so that was probably part of it. Her OT finished up with Reagan laying on her side and quite content...the next thing we knew she was back asleep. She slept there for the remainder of the day. Not sure what this means for tonight. She could either sleep the whole night through or wake up in the next few hours and stay up all night. Let's pray for sleep. I don't know if she's sick and trying to sleep it off or what. I'm glad to see her sleeping but at the same time it's A LOT of sleep and I know it's probably because she's sick. With what, who knows. I've already made an appt with her pediatrician for tomorrow. We'll see how she's doing tomorrow but we'll probably be going in just to get her checked out. One concern I do have is that Reagan has been waking coughing lately. She only does it when she wakes up, but it still makes me nervous. I spoke to her pediatrician over two months ago about getting a suction machine for her...especially for those gaggy days when she throws up multiple times. Her instinct is to swallow it back down instead of spitting it out. I'm in constant paranoia about aspiration. I've just heard of too many kids that are healthy one day and gone the next because of aspiration pneumonia. Scary. Please keep it in your prayers that we can get Reagan healthy and keep her that way.

A mouth breather just like mommy!

A video from last night...Grandma making Reagan laugh (sorry it's so dark).


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a beautiful sleeping girl. :) I love the video of her laughing! I hope the pediatrician gives her a good check-up and okays the suction machine. I don't understand why you shouldn't get one - it can't hurt anything. Like you, I am paranoid about aspiration as well.

Anonymous said...

I love the video! Reagan is so beautiful and has a great laugh! :) So hoping for a better night of sleep and that Reagan isn't sick!! Sending lots of prayers to Reagan!

Debbie said...

You are so lucky to hear sounds of joy from Reagan...I have NEVER heard a laugh or a giggle from my little H...never! What I wouldnt do to hear sounds like Reagan is making...fills my heart to hear her..can't imagine how i would feel coming from Hudson...will continue to pray for that day

I have a suction machine for H, and we go through preiods of using it alot and not using it much. With the vomiting it helps alot to clear the gunk that pools and makes him sound more comfortable.

As far as HUdson stroller...It is a Swifty. I love it. However it was over 4,000.000 with all the bells and whistles. He sits well in it and should last us quite a few years.

I totally undertand being hesitant about going in public places and illness...I feel the same way for Hudson BUT when you have 2 other kids you have to keep life *normal* as much as possible, and we need to do "family" things and not always be seperated. During the "sick" months I am much more vigilent about keeping him home...and ya know, sometimes you just have to hand the worry over to God and trust him for protection.

Praying she is not sick and that you have a wonderful day!