Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Reagan continues to be a little off. It's not that she's fussy, but she's just not happy. Very serious. Disinterested. And still (which I'll take any day over the crazy chorea). She had both OT and PT today but she was not an active participant in either. We did finally try out her Ikea Ekorre swing. We've had this swing for a year or so but haven't used it until today. Now, thanks to Mike, we have a good sturdy hook to hang it from (Mike wedged himself in the swing this weekend to test it out). When Reagan's OT put her in it, she was expressionless but she definitely didn't seem to mind it. Then at the end of PT her therapist put her in her new stander. I wasn't sure how well she'd do in it in this mood, but we kept her attention with the ipad for a good 45min and then took her out. I have to admit we haven't been using the ipad for communication purposes just yet but the apps she does have are all educational in some shape or form. I did find a new favorite app today. It's called fish school (by duck duck moose). It's the cutest thing. It uses little fish to spell out the alphabet, numbers, and shapes. It also sings the alphabet, teaches colors, and has a matching game. It's a very cool app...well worth the $1.99. Reagan wasn't as excited about it as I was but maybe when she's in a better mood she'll be more interested. Tonight Reagan had another throw up incident. She was on Mike's lap, one second she was fine, next second she was puking. We had the suction pump right beside us and I immediately whipped it out but I couldn't get it to suction anything. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Apparently there's a little hole that you have to put your thumb over in order to get suction...I didn't realize that. Oops. I guess we'll have to give it try it next time. Problem is, I wish there was no next time. I don't know why she's doing this again. She went all week last week without even one incident. We definitely need some continued prayers in this area.

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