Friday, August 13, 2010

New stander

Mike is home...he got back from Canada this morning around 8am. Reagan slept well again last night...thank goodness. I have to admit, I had my doubts. She was just so hyper and talkative last night I was afraid she was never going to go to sleep. But 10min after the clonidine, she was out! It's funny, how medications seem to work so well on her when she's healthy but the second she gets sick, nothing works! She's been in a great mood again today, "talking" and squealing up a storm. She does it more when you're right beside her or holding her, it's like she's really trying her best to communicate with you. Mike and I were talking tonight, when Reagan is like this it's hard to imagine how bad things get sometimes (like last weekend)...and when things are bad it's hard to imagine how good things can be (like this week). It's even more hard to imagine that you can have such horrible days followed by such wonderful days. This girl...always keeping us on our toes. Her stander was finally delivered today. I spoke with someone from another equipment company and they told me that when Reagan outgrows this stander (even if it hasn't been a full 5yrs, which it won't), Medicaid will still pay for another as long as we have documentation that she's outgrown it. So we decided to just stick with the Leckey Squiggles Stander we had already fits her like a glove (so much better than her other stander). Of course there was still a problem. They had ordered the wrong tray, so they had to take it back and reorder a new one. Hopefully that will get taken care of fairly quickly so she can begin using it. Please keep us in your prayers for a nice uneventful weekend, we certainly need it.


Heather said...

Spunky and happy and better days ... just the kind of news I like to hear!!

Praying,praying,praying for a wonderful weekend.Love to you all.

jocalyn said...

glad to hear the stander fits for now! and did you really expect it to be delivered without some sort of problem?!? :)

anyway, it was good to talk to you today. so glad we have this sisterhood of moms to lean on. thanks for "getting it."

hope this week brings good things...