Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great day

Reagan has had a great day today. She slept through the night last night (good for everyone) and she's been all smiles all day long. First thing this morning we went in for her abdominal ultrasound. She was great the whole time. Not sure what if anything the ultrasound will show but they said they won't have the report to the doctor til Friday. We came home and just took it easy. No therapies today and summer school is over so not a lot going on. Reagan's been much more calm today. Less movements, definitely more relaxed. And did I mention the smiles? Smiling all day long. So good to see that. Today they delivered Reagan's suction machine (sure wish we would have had that on Sunday). It took a while for her pediatrician's office to finally send the orders but once they finally did, the process was pretty quick. To my surprise our primary insurance actually approved it so we didn't even have to go through medicaid. We don't plan on using this on a regular basis, but it sure will be nice to have when we need it (hopefully we won't need it for a while). Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers...we need more good days!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what great news to have a good day! You all needed it so badly. We continue to pray for your family!
Jamie-AZ :)