Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yet another bad day

On a good note, Reagan did sleep last night, so for that we are very thankful. But the sleep didn't seem to help her much because she woke this morning crying and has been crying ever since. She's been completely and totally miserable. Her throat has got to be killing her with all of the crying. Lots of chorea...arms are flailing, legs are kicking, tongue sticking out. It's exhausting just to hold her so you know she's got to be exhausted. She was so tired this afternoon (she must have yawned a million times) but every time she'd doze off a few minutes later she'd jolt awake and start screaming again! There was literally nothing you could do to make her happy. It's times like these I really wish we had something that could sedate her and help her sleep it off. Too bad this kid is resistant to every medication she's been prescribed! I guess we'll be headed back in to the pediatrician's tomorrow morning. Thank goodness she's working half days at a clinic about 5min from our house. It's so close and it's almost always empty. I just hope she can figure out what's bothering our girl. I tell you what, if she's having stomach pains like I've been having, then I already know why she's crying. I've been having horrible stomach pains and nausea since Thursday. Mine kind of comes and goes...but at times it's excruciating. I keep thinking maybe we both have some sort of nasty stomach virus. With me feeling so lousy, Grandma was nice enough to fly back in today. It's been a long time since she's had a weekend off, but I SO appreciate the extra help. Tomorrow we have another new nurse starting (to potentially work Mon/Tues), so we'll see how that goes. She wasn't able to do an orientation, so we have no clue what to expect. Who knows we may scare her away with all the drama. Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers...she SO needs some good days.

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