Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still sicky

Reagan did not want to go to sleep last night. Daddy laid in bed with her but she was just not falling asleep. We let her lay there for a while, but when I woke up at 1am she was still awake so I gave her some clonidine and I think that did the trick. She woke up this morning still very coughy but I think the mucinex did help thin it out because she was less gunky sounding (although still super spitty). You can tell she still doesn't feel well. Then the homebound teacher came this afternoon (only the 2nd time all summer) and Reagan fell asleep halfway through. I don't blame her though. Let's just say that I'm less than impressed with the homebound teachers they've been sending out. When this lady was here you could hear crickets chirping in the room! Unless she was reading a book or talking to our nurse, there was complete silence. Where do they find these people?!?! Of course, we've had the same problem with nurses. I think I've finally decided to go back to an attendant. I placed an add on and interviewed some people this past weekend. I actually had some pretty decent applicants this time around...makes it a little harder to make a decision. Our favorite nurse's last day is Saturday. We will really miss her (although I won't miss nursing in general). They spend way too much time "charting" (writing up these super long detailed notes) and less time focusing on the actual child. Not to mention the agency has really done a poor job in staffing. They were notified a month ago that our nurse was leaving, yet they haven't sent out a single person to potentially take her place (and they don't even know that we're planning on leaving yet)!! Not to mention, I think the nurse that started last week is the person that got Reagan sick! I just thought about it today but originally she was supposed to come on Tues of last week but she called in sick with a head cold. Then Thursday she was coughing and I said "you better not be sick" and she said it was just allergies. Yeah right. Contagious allergies. Good riddance. Tonight Reagan was very vocal. Lots of "talking", even with all the coughing. Poor girl. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to fight this gunk.


Gerry said...

I hope she's feeling better tomorrow :)

blogzilly said...

You know what I have noticed about home health aide's? Most of them are like computers. Or dogs. They can be programmed to do what you tell them, but if you do not program it it will sit there or lie there until given a command.

We now have a checklist we give ours and it has worked quite well for keeping the aide from just watching a DVD or talking on the cell phone.

Kristen said...

I enjoyed meeting Reagan today... what a beautiful daughter! You are in my prayers!