Monday, July 19, 2010

So sick of sick

Oh's been another rough day today. Last night Reagan woke up crying only one hour after laying her down. Mike laid down in her bed with her, then I tried laying down with her, and finally (with me restraining her arms) she was able to fall back asleep. She woke up once at 5am but fell back to sleep and then woke for good at 6:30am...crying. She's been miserable again today. She's been super sweaty and shaky. She was running a low grade fever this morning and threw up a good amount of spit and mucous. The chorea (nonstop crazy movements) have been out of control. Holding her is like holding a Tasmanian devil. She's clawing, biting, rubbing her face, kicking her legs and moaning nonstop. But lay her down and immediately she starts full out crying (can you say spoiled). She definitely prefers to be in an upright position today. On a good note, she was crying less and moaning more today, I guess that's improvement (although I'm still feeling sick). I spoke to the movement disorder doctor this morning and most of Reagan's blood tests have not come back but she did say that Reagan's CBC from Thursday came back with a high white cell count and a lymphocytic predominance (indicating a viral infection). Then we took her in to the pediatrician's office and she said Reagan's throat is "raw" again (but not strep). She thought starting her on the 5-day steroid treatment (prednisone) for the chorea might be a good idea and might actually help calm some of the inflammation in her throat. So this afternoon we started the prednisone and now we wait. It always scares me starting her on something new. She did have a couple weird episodes this afternoon that worried us a little. I can't really explain them, but something was off. She was really jittery and stiff. Her eyes widen and nostrils flare (and for a while it almost seemed she was holding her breath). She had us worried. Please say some extra prayers for our little one, she really needs to get over this sickness (and chorea) soon.

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Anonymous said...

Always praying for Reagan. Hope she feels better soon. I will say a prayer for you as well, hope you feel better! Mommy doesn't have time to be sick! :)Hang in there.