Monday, July 5, 2010

Poop talk

Today Reagan was almost a carbon copy of yesterday (except that the smiles were more easy to come by today). She was still very spitty and loosey goosey all day long. When I say loose, I mean loose. It's like holding a 33lb rag doll! Not sure why she's like this right now. We haven't made any medication changes or anything, so it's kind of weird. Maybe the trauma of last week just wore her out so much, she's still recovering. I don't know...who knows. And the spit. Goodness gracious, this girl is SO spitty right now. And constantly choking on it. It almost seems like she has a cough but it's just her choking on her spit. Poor thing. And now for some poop talk (if that offends you, go to yesterday's post and look at her 4th of July pics). We had quite the surprise this morning. Reagan slept through the night but woke up with the biggest drippiest dirty diaper I've ever seen. Of course I didn't know this until I started carrying her out of her room and I felt a drip hit my foot. I turned around and there was a trail of poop going back to her bed. It was all over me, all over her, all over her floor, in her bed, it was a giant mess!!! Thankfully I had put a waterproof pad under her last night because I was expecting her to wake up with a big wet diaper, but she surprised us with so much more! It's my fault really. The last couple weeks the fruiteze has not been cutting it for her. I transitioned her off the Miralax and onto the fruiteze because it's a natural laxative...but it was just not doing it's job. So her pediatrician recommended something called lactulose, a syrupy sugar solution. A couple days ago I stopped the fruiteze and started her on a daily dose of the lactulose...and today is the result of that. It seems to be working but I think we may want to cut back a little. Live and learn.


Heather said...

Not exactly the most pleasant way to wake up .. for either of you!

Since starting the probiotics,we are heading in the right direction.Maybe worth a try on your end.

Hopefully we will connect tomorrow ...crazy times here getting ready for the move!

Lori said...

I've read your blog for years now and I have wondered if you ever tried Lactrolose. My daughter was on it for years and although we had to keep changing the amount that she took - it always did it's job. Glad it is working!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the things that don't really bother you once you have your own kid(s). As a teacher I'm grossed out by all body fluids, but as a mom I've been thrown up on, pooped on, peed on, bled on, spit on . . . I just clean it up and go on. Hope Reagan gets things worked out and she has a great day.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Eew, that is the grossest morning starter ever, isn't it! My Peanut is on Miralax and although she has normal poop most of the time, every now and then we get an explosion. Ugh!