Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of those days

It's been another one of those days. It all started off last night with Reagan waking up an hour or so after going to sleep. Not good. Then I sat up with her for a couple sign of sleepiness. I finally forced her to lay down in her bed and I layed beside her shushing her until she finally stopped fussing and fell back to sleep (both of us fell asleep). Finally at 6am I woke up and went to my bed and Reagan slept in late. I had to finally wake her up at 10:45 because we had PT coming today. She did OK for just waking up and then we even did an hour in the stander. So far so good. Then this afternoon around 3pm I went to take a nap (while Mike watched her) and 30min later I woke to her crying...and she's been crying off and on ever since. She's definitely having tummy pains, she's had quite a bit of gas, but she's also just acting all around crazy. One second she'll laugh and the next second she's crying. It's been a long night. She's been super spitty today (like a faucet) and then with all the crying it's made everything worse. She's choked on her spit several times and even thrown up. She's a mess. And there's no sign of sleepiness. What are we going to do?!?! Grandma's coming in tomorrow so hopefully she recovers (poor Grandma hasn't seen her happy in a while). Please keep our miserable little one in your prayers...

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