Monday, July 26, 2010

My sweet girl

Reagan has been a real sweetie today. Making lots of sweet little sounds, giggles, and smiles...she has certainly been animated. She was also moving a lot more today. The good kind of moving like rolling onto her side and the bad kind of moving like clawing at her arms. She only had one therapy today...feeding therapy. She actually did really well. She ate a decent amount of applesauce without spitting any out. I was impressed. I guess I need to make more of an effort in feeding her things by mouth, she sure seemed to enjoy that applesauce. Of course she finished off therapy with a big poop! We had to change her before we left. I know she had to feel better after that (we were going on 6 days without a dirty diaper). Then this afternoon my Dad came into town to visit. He hasn't seen Reagan since her birthday when she slept the entire afternoon. He'll be here for a couple days this week and then he's coming back to stay with us two weeks from now when Mike has to go to Canada on business. Thank goodness he's here because our nurse already called in sick for tomorrow (about 30min after she left today). As for Reagan's new was a no go. The guy showed up with it and it was missing a head rest and foot straps (and had the wrong size knee supports). Needless to say, he took it back until all the correct parts come in. I was not surprised...this is not his first botched delivery. But after seeing the stander up close and personal, I'm a little concerned about the room for growth. If Reagan keeps growing at this rate, she might only be able to use this stander for another year. And then what? Medicaid only pays for this type of equipment once every 5yrs. If she's not walking by the time she outgrows this, does it mean she just has to go without a stander. I don't know. Hopefully not.


Heather said...

What a bummer about the stander.Seems so simple to get things done right the first time.Would save everyone a whole lot of hassle.

So glad you have your dad there for a bit.Will be a nice change of pace.

Praying for continued good days with your sweet girl.

Jamie said...

Bugger about shop around...hmm dunno.. I have to smile when I hear Reagan is smiley..arent they just SO DIFFERENT when they are having good days!? I would ALSO say from Madie having feeding problems since the dawn of time..juuust keep up on her foods..a few bites here and there..We go a few bites each morning and then her bottles, then a few bites at night before her nighttime bottles..twice a day and I kept it up and worked hard on it and now madie is even opening her mouth for her spoon!! Oh not to say its still not a struggle but she is at least eating her "mush" LOL Ive also had a blast making madie her foods they are so yummy!! keep at it mama! and You miss Reagan better be a happy girl! :) :)!