Sunday, July 11, 2010

Less crying/Leaky gj tube

Reagan woke up last night around 4am. I got up with her...I knew things were looking up because she wasn't crying. She was big eyed and looking around. Eventually she started fussing and grabbing at her ear again, but for her to go any length of time without crying was definite improvement. She's still had her moments today. There have certainly been some meltdowns especially this morning. So much so I called the doctor on call to ask if there was anything else we could do for her ear ache. She called in some numbing drops for her ear. I wouldn't say we saw immediate improvement, but overall her afternoon was better than her morning so maybe the drops helped. Grandma flew in today. She wasn't planning on coming in this weekend (after her long weekend here last week) but she was too worried about her baby to stay away. I'm hoping tomorrow will bring even more improvement for our little one. We have a new nurse starting tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Should be interesting. I also plan on calling Reagan's GI doctor and requesting a new gj-button. Ever since we got this new one it leaks (formula). The first one she had NEVER leaked. This one started off leaking right away, when any sort of pressure was put on her tummy (laying her on her tummy or holding her on your shoulder would trigger a leak). Ever since she's been sick and crying a's just leaking all the time. I think it's becaues she gets all tensed up and the pressure of her tummy contracting forces it out. The thing is, this tube runs all the way through her stomach and down into her intestine, no formula should come out of it until it gets to her intestine. Obvioulsy there's some sort of flaw, so hopefully we can get it switched out and problem solved. This poor girl, she goes through so much. She threw up tonight again. Just all of a sudden it hits her and out it comes. Poor girl. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. We need some healthy days for our girl.

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