Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ear is still aching

Thanks everyone for your support. It has been a rough couple of days for our little one. I wish I could say everything was much improved today but I can't. Reagan did sleep a little better last night. Maybe it was the second dose of Ativan that did it, who knows, I'm just glad she got some sleep. She woke up at 5am crying, I got up with her and tried to soothe her (gave her another dose of Ativan) and finally she just cried herself back to sleep. Today she's done a little more whining/fussing than screaming/crying so I guess that's a little improvement. She's also been a little more sleepy...maybe because of the Ativan...but the pediatrician told us to use it every 8hrs to try to soothe her until we can get the antibiotic to kick in. She's still grabbing at her left ear a lot. We have to put her hair back with a headband because she keeps pulling her hair. Then tonight she threw up...poor girl just can't catch a break. Today was our favorite nurse's last day. Boy am I going to miss her...she was so great with Reagan. And I knew she was a perfect fit the second I met her. I had come to have complete trust in her. That whether I was here or not...she would treat Reagan exactly as I would (but with even more patience). When she was here I could go and do things, run errands or do whatever needed to get done. It's going to be a while before I feel comfortable leaving Reagan in someone else's care again. Too bad Reagan wasn't in a better mood for her last day. We are sure going to miss her. I ask that you would please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers...these antibiotics have to kick in sometime right?!?!


Anonymous said...

Always praying for Reagan. Hope she feels better soon and her medicine kicks in fast! Hang in there. :)

jocalyn said...

I'll continue praying for Reagan..and for you to find a replacement for your nurse :)