Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chorea happy

Today has been another great day for Reagan. She's been all smiles and giggles all day. She started off with some more of the crazy chorea movements this morning. She's actually had it to an extent all day, kneading her hands, kicking her legs, lots of extension. Not sure why it's picked back up again (I hope she's not getting sick), but we just so happen to have an appt with a movement disorder specialist tomorrow at Texas Children's so hopefully she'll be able to help. This morning Reagan had PT and then she had feeding therapy this afternoon. She's been pretty spitty again, so that wasn't necessarily good for either of her therapies. About 20min into feeding therapy she got gurgly and chokey and her therapist spent the rest of the time trying to get Reagan to clear her throat. It wasn't until we got home from feeding therapy that Reagan really let loose. She was squealing and laughing was hilarious. Now I know it's probably related to the chorea, but it's just nice to see her happy no matter what the reason. Please keep it in your prayers that the good moods continue and that she stays healthy.

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