Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy day, new nurse

Reagan has been a darling again today. She slept well last night and woke all smiles this morning. She did have a crazy episode of chorea right after waking up (like she was running in place) but other than that things have been great. She had her vision therapist, her "teacher", and PT all come today (I say "teacher" because all she really does is read Reagan books...not much teaching involved in that). We had a new nurse start today (to work Wed,Thurs,Fri)and so far so good. She lives in our neighborhood...literally two roads down from us. She seems to be really good with Reagan so it looks like we might be sticking with nursing a little bit longer. Now we just have to find a Mon/Tues nurse. The one that worked this week decided that the drive was just too much for her (or should I say her husband, since he had to drive back and forth twice a day because they only had one car). Hopefully we'll get all of this settled soon and finally establish some sort of routine for everyone's sake. Reagan's new gj-button is definitely an improvement over the previous one, although it did leak at one point today which really worried me (but I think it's just because she spent some time on her tummy putting direct pressure on it). Hopefully we won't see any more leaking out of this one. Please continue to keep little Luke in your prayers...heart surgery went well and now he's in recovery in ICU...he's probably not going to wake happy, so continued prayers are definitely appreciated.

Reagan seems more interested in the dog...he's just trying to ignore her.


Gerry said...

Glad things are looking up a little. I hope you have a good day tomorrow!
Gerry :)

the Grandma said...

The Grandma is soooo happy to see that beautiful smile. It makes my day!!! My love to you.........