Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boring weekend

Today has been another boring day. Didn't go anywhere or do anything. Lots of lounging around. Reagan was still a little groggy again today...she fell asleep in my arms a few times. She was also a little gaggy, she made a few faces like she was going to throw up, but thankfully never did. Tomorrow they are supposed to deliver her new stander! What an ordeal to get that thing! It took months just to get our primary insurance to deny it (our insurance says standers aren't medically necessary) and then another couple months for the seating company to send the correct info to Medicaid. It's crazy, once Medicaid got the correct info, they approved it immediately. I really can't stand incompetent people. Then it was another couple weeks for them to order it, get it in and assemble really shouldn't have taken this long. I'm just glad it's finally here. Now I have to figure out what to do with her old stander. I'm thinking about donating it to one of the two ECI programs we dealt with...both of which were severely underfunded and always needing equipment. Reagan's giant therapy room is nearly busting at the seams...I really need to spend some time organizing everything. In my spare time. Reagan's had an ipad for weeks now (thanks to Grandma) but we've hardly used it. Between her being sick and then me being sick, we haven't had a lot of down time lately. I guess this boring weekend was just what we needed.


Jamie said...

hey! Boring days are good!~ I hear ya on the Insurance..we are in our own battle with ours for Madies keto cal...I wonder each day how she would be if we had initallt began this diet a month ago as planned...*sigh.They say its over the counter. New Stander? goodies for your overflow!

jocalyn said...

call if i can help with the ipad...

when you figure out how to find time to organize a therapy room, let me know. that was my goal this past weekend, but i ended up just re-arranging stuff.

hopefully everyone is on the mend now!!!