Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who needs sleep...

Reagan was such a turkey last night. She laid in her bed and refused to go to sleep! I got up at 1am and gave her 1/2 pill of trazodone. It didn't do a thing. I kept waking up every so often to check the monitor and each time there she was wide awake. Finally around 4:30am I put her in bed with wasn't until Daddy cuddled her that she finally fell asleep around 5am. I was afraid she was going to wake up when Mike kept hitting the snooze...but she didn't. She actually slept til almost noon (at least someone got some sleep)! She woke up not so happy but got over it pretty quickly. She's actually been good all day. Other than some clammy hands and feet and the sleep issues, she seems to be feeling better. Lots of rolling again today. I say rolling but she really only gets onto her side...that's why she pivots in a circle. Below is a pic of the dog staring her down. Definitely jealous. He's pushing his luck (and he knows it) laying on the edge of Reagan's blanket.

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