Friday, June 4, 2010


Reagan finally slept last night! As the night wore on you could just tell, she was exhausted. She was having a very hard time falling asleep, she'd doze off and then wake seconds later with a big startle. I put her to bed and eventually she settled down and slept. I was pooped too so I fell asleep immediately. I was not at all pleased when I woke an hour or so later to her screaming. I didn't pick her up and eventually she settled down and fell back to sleep. She slept through til about 8:30am. She does not wake happy though, every morning starts off in tears but thankfully she recovers and still manages to have a good day. Our favorite nurse was back today but she was bearing bad news. She's moving back home to Oklahoma! Not until August, but still. I don't know what I'll do without her. I'm heartbroken. Meanwhile the nursing agency has been worthless and hasn't even attempted to find a Tues/Thurs nurse, so we may end up looking for a new agency. Anyway, while she was here I took advantage of it and finally ran the errands I've been putting off all week. It is SO hot and humid in the Houston area right now, it's miserable. Why anyone lives here, I don't know. Reagan has been a bit crazy today. Lots of chorea type outbursts. She's been content most of the day but she's had her moments where she cries out and gets fussy for no apparent reason. Hopefully she'll sleep again tonight. We need to play catch up...I'm exhausted. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

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jocalyn said...

Sorry we got disconnected yesterday...the afternoon was insane for us, but I'll call you on Monday.

Praying for Reagan always :)