Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Reagan slept well again last night and woke happy again this morning. It's so nice to see her wake up happy...usually we wake to cries. She's been in a super mellow mood today. Very sweet and smiley but quiet. A little dazed or zoned out at times. Not sure if she's tired or just feeling "droopy". She seems happy though, so that's good. They delivered her bed today. There were a few issues...they put the back of it on backwards (which they came back and fixed) but there's also about an inch gap between the trundle and the bed which they couldn't fix (they're supposed to send out a "technician" in a week to look at it). The plan is to keep her in the crib for tonight and then tomorrow get her bed made up and ready to sleep in. I promise to post some pictures. Today Mike and I played in his company golf tournament. Reagan's nurse came in late and stayed late so that I could get away. I didn't have to go far, they had it at the golf course in our neighborhood so that was convenient. It was beyond hot and humid and miserable at times. We didn't do so well. I think I used up all my good shots the last time I played. Poor Mike, he always ends up having to carry his entire team. Thankfully Reagan was an angel the whole time we were gone and she's been an angel ever since. We're all exhausted so I sure hope she sleeps well tonight.


Cjengo said...

Ohhh you got a new bed? You will have to tell me how it is. We have been told Jude needs a special bed. What kind did you get? Jude twists his legs back out of his hip sockets, and they said that will lead to him sitting in a w, and having surgery (if he does sit)

Anonymous said...

Soooo GLAD to hear that you got out Tera, you deserve a break, and happy Reagan has been happy as well. You guys continue to be in our prayers. jen v