Thursday, June 3, 2010

Junk in the throat

Reagan didn't sleep last night either. She was up the entire night moving around in her bed. We tried her in our bed for a short while but no luck. I could hear her in her bed coughing occasionally and all gurgly in her throat, finally I just picked her up and sat with her for a while. She's very spitty and she's holding it in her mouth and not swallowing it. Problem is, it doesn't get better even when you pick her up. I laid her back down around 6am and by 7am she was asleep. She only slept a few hours waking up for the day at 9:45am and she's been up ever since. What's amazing, even going on next to no sleep, she's really been a sweet, happy girl. I debated taking her in to the pediatrician because she does sound so junky but really didn't want to expose her to the germs in the pediatrician's office. The nurse we had today listened to Reagan's lungs and said they sound's all in her mouth/throat. I spoke to the pediatrician's nurse and she talked it over with the doctor and they both agree that it's probably just a head cold (which is what they are seeing right now) and that she's going to have to just work her way through it. Great. Work her way through it. I did take her in to feeding therapy today and her therapist worked with her trying to get her to clear the junk in her throat. Not much luck. I spoke to her neurologist today about her not sleeping at night (even when I give her 1/2 pill trazodone) and he said we could give her a whole pill (50mg). So we'll see. I'm going to wait and see if she falls asleep on her own but if not, we are going to give it a try. She really needs some sleep so she can get over this bug. Please keep her in your prayers.


Jamie said...

Hoping for some sleep!!

You commented on Madies World and I did read it...but it got deleted for some reason..maybe I made an error when I deleted one of those weird comments that had dots and squares...ugh. Sorry...not banning you by no means :)

Missy said...

Praying she kicks the cold quickly!