Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day update

Reagan has been a sweetie again today. She slept through the night last night, although I did see her wake up multiple times, she never fussed and eventually went back to sleep on her own. She had a few groggy moments today, but every time I tried to lay her down she'd wake back up. She was pretty squirmy today. I would lay her on the floor with her toy, only to find her turned completely sideways minutes later. She's also been really talkative. She'll think really hard before she says something. You can see it on her face that she's trying to get something out. It's too funny. We had a very lazy Father's day here at home. We didn't go anywhere or do anything...just watched a lot of golf. Hope everyone had a good one...that includes my crazy dad who is biking the Lewis and Clark & Northern Tier Trails every day for two months straight!

Here are Reagan's pics from yesterday...

Straight out of the bath

Clothed but still out

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