Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cuddly sweet

Last night was another good night's sleep. I'm loving it. We're all loving it. Even with all the sleep last night, Reagan was still a little groggy today. We gave her a bath this morning around 10:30am and she fell asleep before we could even get her dressed (I'll have to post those pics tomorrow). She slept for 3hrs straight and then took another little nap an hour or so later. Now that it's bedtime she's looking a little more alert. She's laying in her bed, making noises, squirming around, head back and forth. Go figure. When awake she's been super sweet and cuddly. She just lays on my lap, smiling up at me. What a sweetie! Her nausea has almost completely gone away...I don't know if that's because of the periactin I started her on or because she's just feeling a little better. Hopefully she's feeling better. Prayers for a healthy girl are definitely appreciated.

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