Sunday, June 13, 2010

Better but still room for improvement

Reagan's mood has been much improved today. It's certainly not because she got a good night's sleep last night...she woke up around 4am and I had to calm her down before she would even think about laying in bed with us. She laid in our bed awake for quite sometime but eventually she did fall back to sleep, not for long, but at least she got some additional sleep. She hasn't really been fussy at all today. We even got quite a few laughs out of her. She's still not feeling well though. I drained lots of liquid from her tummy (obviously the same stuff she's throwing up). Despite all my efforts to drain the fluid, she still had a big throw up tonight. She was laying on her back and started choking...really freaks me out. She's pretty good about coughing it up, but it still makes me nervous. Aspiration is always a big concern. She's been very spitty again today so I've had to keep a close eye on her all day to make sure she didn't choke. I saw a few more of the head twitches today. She's also had a lot of chorea...I think it's all interrelated. Hopefully it will all resolve soon. Please keep her in your prayers. We need her healthy again!

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