Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another night without sleep

Last night was another rough night sleep-wise. I gave Reagan a nighttime dose of clonidine (3/4 pill) and waited. About 30 min later she was out. I put her to bed and then quickly tried to get to bed myself. Reagan woke up at midnight, only two hours after falling asleep, and she was wide awake. I left her in her bed but as far as I know she never went back to sleep. Around 5:30am I picked her up and put her in our bed where she just cooed and laughed, but no sleep. On a good note since she never fell asleep, she never had the opportunity to wake up screaming and crying. She's actually been in a pretty good mood all day today...even going on no sleep at all. This afternoon we took Reagan in to the pediatrician to get checked out. She was running a low grade temperature and still doing lots of movements and very gaggy. She had a little fluid in her ears but her throat was "raw". No strep but definitely a throat infection. We switched her from her usual prophylactic Amoxicillin over to Cephalexin, so hopefully that will clear it up. She also suggested we try some neurontin for sleep (which her neurologist called in on Monday). I'm not sure if we'll need it or not...around 7:45pm Reagan fell asleep in my arms and she's been sleeping ever since. I can't blame her, she has been up for over 36hrs straight, but I don't know if she'll actually sleep through the night. Please continue to keep her in your prayers...that she gets some much needed rest and that she starts feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

Always praying for Reagan! Hang in there.

Gerry said...

I hope things go better tomorrow!

Jamie said...

See im tellin ya..if she is quiet in her bed...awake or not..just let her be! you need sleep mama. If Madie doesnt sleep at least I have the energy to deal with her.
Hope things get better chickie!

Cjengo said...

Sometimes I feel like I still have a newborn from lack of sleep, I so feel your pain. Hoping things get better for you soon.