Sunday, June 6, 2010

And the Sleep Saga continues...

**Sorry for the late post, I know some of you are worried because I never miss a post! Blogger has been unavailable until now**
Reagan slept through last night, slept through til 1am that is. We tried her in our bed and she actually slept for a while, then she was awake and wouldn't go back to sleep. I got up with her and eventually she did fall back to sleep. I put her in her bed and then I passed out in mine. This constant interruption of sleep is so exhausting. Then to top it all off, today was a very fussy day for Reagan. She was super high maintenance. Lots of mouth movements but not necessarily gaggy. For the first half of the day she did a lot of whining, but then the second half of the day was filled with tears. I suspected tummy problems she hadn't pooped in 5 days. So I gave her a dose of the Fletchers laxative and we waited. It did work, she started pushing, but she couldn't get anything out without my help. It was a very painful process. Times like these make me actually miss the watery Miralax poops. Poor thing. She eventually cried herself to sleep. Then she woke up happy but that didn't last long, there were more poops to get out. I hope she's finally done. I don't think I'll let her go this long again without going. Next time we'll try the Fletchers after only a couple days. We don't need to deal with this again. She did seem to feel better in the bathtub, unfortunately we couldn't leave her in the bathtub all night and she started crying as soon as we took her out. Ugh. You just can't win. Well maybe all the crying will tire her out and she'll actually sleep tonight. That would be wonderful. Please keep her in your prayers, we so need a good day tomorrow!

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