Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So today we've been left to deal with the aftermath of Reagan's dental work. Things seemed to go so smoothly yesterday. Even last night, she somehow managed to sleep through the night (with the occasional waking up and fussing but each time she fell back to sleep on her own). But today has not gone so smoothly. Reagan woke up this morning in an OK mood. She wasn't feeling great, but she wasn't crying either. Then as the day went on, she got more and more upset. Lots of crying...the inconsolable type crying. You could tell she was tired...she'd yawn again and again...and she even fell asleep multiple times, but the second we'd try to lay her down, she'd wake up screaming. Her mouth is definitely bothering her. She's grabbing at it, moving her tongue all around, she's having some serious pain. And the thing is...there was not supposed to be any pain with this procedure! Hopefully it's just a little post-dental work pain that Reagan is hypersensitive to and not something more serious like one of the caps hitting a nerve. Please pray for Reagan to recover from this and get back to her happy self. I can't stand the idea of them having to go back in to fix something that should have been done right to begin with. She so needs some sleep tonight. We were so desperate to soothe her that we gave her clonopine at 6:45pm and it did NOTHING. Well it did make her settle down for a few minutes, but it did not help her to fall asleep and stay there. We actually spent most of the night trying to put her to bed. She'd cry a lot, then finally fall asleep on us, we'd tippy toe into her room and lay her down...POW wide awake and crying. So frustrating. Finally Mike just laid in bed with her and that's where they are now. I'm guessing he's going to try to get up and into his own bed...that probably won't go over well. Please say some prayers for our little one. She really needs them!

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