Saturday, May 22, 2010

That's how she rolls

Reagan has had quite busy day today. She woke up early this morning and has been going, going, going all day long. Now she didn't have any therapies and we really didn't take her anywhere today but she has been moving on her own accord. So close to rolling. She'll pull her knees up to her stomach and turn her entire lower body to the left, all the while keeping her head turned to the right. That's what's keeping her from completely turning over. She's definitely getting some serious ab work accomplished. If you help her a little, next thing you know she's on her belly. We put her on her tummy a lot today too and she was really squirming around. I figured she'd completely wear herself out and crash hard tonight but so far no such luck. The sleep lately hasn't been all that great. I'm waking up a lot too. It's hard to tell if it's because I hear her moving or if I'm just paranoid. Either way, I've really been dragging lately. Praying for some solid sleep tonight and more good days for our sweet girl!


Gerry said...

I hope she sleeps well tonight, and that you have a good week. Like the new picture too :)

Debbie said...

Love the new look!

Sounds like she is doing really well and NO seizures...what a blessing that is!!!! Must be wonderful to know what you are seeing is not seizure activity!
You guys deserve these days of miracles and good have been through so much!