Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet and squirmy

Reagan has had yet another wonderful day. Super sweet, giggly and smiley. We have been so blessed to have her happy and healthy for so many consecutive days! Huge answer to prayers. Huge. Tomorrow we have an appt with her immunologist. I'm interested to hear the results of all of the tests she ran. Should be an interesting appt. Reagan went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning around 6:45am. During "class" with her teacher she looked like she was going to doze off. She was in her stander, eyes completely closed, but maybe that was just her way to get out early. It worked...we took her out and then she was wide awake! Silly girl. Reagan had an ARD today (in which I participated by phone) to say that Reagan will be receiving ESY services (extended school year). So instead of going from June to the end of Aug without "school", they'll continue her services over part of the summer. It's good because I do think she needs it, but at the same time I think most of the homebound services we've received so far are completely worthless. Whatever. We'll see how it goes. Reagan has been squirming all over the place again today....turning in continuous circles on the floor. So funny. This afternoon she had PT and showed off some of her moving skills. It's funny, her head control in sitting left a lot to be desired but when her therapist put her on her tummy, she held her head up like a pro! I think it's because she wants to crunch and bend at the waist (like to roll), unfortunately that doesn't work too well with sitting. So with Reagan moving all day long and waking up early...she was out cold by 8pm. Very uncharacteristic for her. Too bad it didn't last, she was back up by 9:15pm. Oh well, you can't win them all. No fever today but her little cheeks were bright red most of the day (and feet super cold). Prayers that she stays healthy are greatly appreciated.

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