Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop Miralax, start Fruit-eze

Last night was another glorious night of sleep (thank you God)!! Reagan woke in a good mood this morning even though she was a little nauseous. She threw up one time this morning and then again this afternoon. She was happy most of the day, that is until I left to take Grandma to the airport. I came home and Reagan was screaming bloody murder! I think she was having tummy pains but who knows (maybe she just missed Grandma)? After a few hours of crying and cat napping she finally just snapped out of it. Then she was all giggles before bedtime. Such a sweetie! We did have a little scare with Reagan's pump today (no food error) just kept beeping and beeping and it wouldn't run! This is quite the crisis when you have a gj-tube because you can only do continuous feeds...which is nearly impossible to do by hand! We tried it today after Reagan had gone two hours without a pump...we pushed in 1ml every 1.5min into her tube. Not fun. Thankfully the guy on call was super nice and brought out a brand new pump as quick as he could. Crisis averted. Today I stopped the Miralax and started Reagan on a more natural alternative...fruit-eze. It was a real pain trying to get it to a consistency that wouldn't clog her tube. I added water, put it in the blender, put it through a strainer twice, and the slowly pushed it through her tube. It would be much easier if we could just get her to take it by mouth but I didn't even want to attempt it today with her being so nauseous. I just hope it "works" for her! She's been on Miralax for years, I don't want her getting backed up now! Poor thing, she's got enough tummy problems as it is. Please continue to keep her in your prayers...her hands and feet were cold and clammy again today and that usually means trouble.

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