Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sorry, still no pictures. Our internet, phone, and cable are still out. Reagan slept well again last night and woke up a complete sweetheart this morning. So cuddly and so precious...I love it when she's like this! I'm hoping the good mood will hold out til tomorrow so we can get her to her first OT session in weeks. I really hate it when she has to miss OT because she only gets it once a week and her OT is so good! Lately she's been getting sick on the weekends and not recovering til mid week, so she's been missing quite a few therapies. She's really been moving a lot lately, squirming around and bending at the waist like she wants to sit up. In the mornings when we go to get her she's usually all scrunched up at the bottom of her crib...she has a wedge under her mattress so she's on a slight incline and with all the squirming she works her way down it. I think it's probably time to upgrade to a bigger bed (Caleigh's mom inspired me). And even though I've already found the bedding, a new bed and mattress is quite the financial commitment. We'll see. Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers...that she stays healthy and has a good week this week!!

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Lacey said...

Did you try the trazadone or is she just sleeping better? Either way thats good news!