Monday, May 24, 2010

Pump problems

Not a lot going on today. Reagan had occupational therapy this morning and showed some of her moves to her therapist. By the time she got to feeding therapy her mood had dulled a little...maybe she was worn out. She just wasn't as smiley as before. She did eat some applesauce and did a good job swallowing it all down. Funny thing, as soon as we walked out of therapy, the smile was back! She's still moving around a lot today. It's funny because it's really her lower half pulling herself around. Tonight she fell asleep at 9:30pm on the floor. I think she wore herself out. I'm OK with her going to bed early, as long as she doesn't wake up at midnight ready to go! She did have a low grade fever this afternoon. I hope it was nothing but we do need some prayers that she stays healthy. It's been so nice to have her healthy for more than just a couple days. We have had a little drama today with Reagan's feeding pump which is seriously about to drive me crazy! It keeps beeping and saying it has No Food (when it's full)! We've had it replaced multiple times because of this error and each time, we get the same error message again (this time it was a week later). It's not Reagan's tube, everything flushes easily through it. It's not a clog in the bag or line because you can prime it just just doesn't want to run!!! Right now it's just a nuisance, but if it decides it's not going to run anymore, then we've got a serious emergency! That's the problem with continuous feeds (which you have to do with a j-tube)'s really not feasible to do it by hand for any length of time. I'd love to just switch brands of pumps, but the Zevex Infinity that we have is by far the smallest pump on the market. I can't imagine having to lug those bigger ones around. So for now we'll just continue to trouble shoot it and pray that it continues to run!


Heather said...

I LOVE this picture!And the braids.And the blanket!The whole picture darling .... most especially the little love!

Praying that the string of good days continues.

the Grandma said... WHO has the cutest grandbaby in all of the world???? That's's ME!!!!
Love ya....the Grandma

Alison said...

Sometimes I want to throw the feeding pump out the window! I have been found, on many a day, talking to the thing like it was a rebellious child!

I think this is my first visit to your site from Samuels!