Monday, May 10, 2010

NO sleep

Where to start...last night was a nightmare. Reagan did not sleep a wink the entire night! Lots of crying, lots of fussing, and this continued all day today. Talk about wearing on your nerves. I just thank God our favorite nurse showed up today and did a great job trying to console Reagan. She's definitely patient and with Reagan (and days like these) that is a very important virtue. The nurse literally spent all day trying to get Reagan to relax and fall asleep and it never happened. I spoke with her pediatrician this afternoon and told her how tense, upset, and sleepless Reagan was and she suggesting trying the Ativan again (at a double dose). So at 1:15pm we gave it to her and about an hour later she calmed down a little and stopped crying but she never fell asleep. She's EXHAUSTED but she just can't fall asleep. I don't know how much longer her little body can take this! We are desperate at this point to get her to sleep! (Any suggestions? We've already tried things like melatonin which has no effect on Reagan). She only slept a few hours total the night before and was up all day yesterday and today, I don't know how she's staying awake! I don't know if she's sick or not feeling well or if it's more neurologic in nature. She's been very up and down (although more down than up). She'll laugh hysterically and then switch to crying her breath away. Poor thing, she's just miserable. And so are we. I don't know how much more of this we can take. I can handle a lot but no sleep AND a crying, hysterical child is just too much. We need some serious prayers for Reagan. Prayers that she'll get some good solid sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling like a new girl!
**Reagan has never responded to car rides or soothing baths...she is one of those children that is completely inconsolable when she's upset...we've tried everything and nothing ever seems to help!**


Jamie said...

Angel..oh man. It almost seems to me that the Pediatrician really doenst know what to do eaither..Its like "oh lets try this med" Oh yeah...try that...Oh is she on enough yet? Oh try another"....Oh sweet girl. Lots of prayers comming via CT..
Madie was upset yesterday and was finally happy after a poopy! Who knew! I sure diddnt I was just at wits end! OH Im reading a book on the Keto Diet...thinking of it for Madie..keep ya posted.

Holly said...

So sorry Reagan isn't sleeping well still.

Maybe if it's not to 'out there' you could try some natural stuff.

We give Caleigh homeopathic medicines for allergies and scars/adhesions. We take her to a chiropractor weekly that is familiar with cranials and children. The easiest for you to try is an Epsom salt bath with lavender to help loosen the muscles and relax. Caleigh gets a bath with that every night. If we ever skip it...we pay for it.

Can you get night nursing too? Momma's need sleep to function. Maybe a good nurse you trust and a pair of ear plugs a few nights a week? Easier said than done...I know.

Prayers for relaxation and sleep to you all.

jocalyn said...

will she relax in the car? won't let you sleep...but maybe it'll calm her enough for her to come home and sleep?

i feel for you :(

Wendi Taylor said...

This may be totally off the wall but it sounds like her brain will not allow her to fall asleep - like it doesn't know how or something. Have they considered mood stabalizers / meds typically used for depression & bi-polar? They affect serotonin... the same brain chemical that also has a lot to do with sleep & wake cycles. Obviously I'm not a doctor; just thinking out loud so to speak. I also don't know if they could use anything like that with her history of siezures.

Debbie said...

I am so, so sorry for these insanely exhausting days you all have been enduring.
Hopefully all 3 of you passed out last night and got some rest.

Praying relief is on the way...

Kristine said...

I'm so sorry!!! It sounds very, very trying there right now. I would go crazy with no sleep. I hope tonight is a totally different story and you all get some much needed rest!

I second the night it a possibility?