Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Late night post from the hospital

OK to say I'm a little furious would be an understatement. So we had this 23hr EEG at "the other hospital" because they were able to get us in quickly and I figured we would get the results sooner. Boy was I wrong. I spoke today to the epileptologist's nurse and she told me that it will be 4-6 weeks! Are you kidding me?!?!? It would NEVER, ever take that long at Texas Children's (it probably wouldn't have been more than a couple days). She said they only have one epileptologist at this hospital who has to read all of the EEGs (and it's our doctor)...but 4-6 weeks...that's ridiculous! So needless to say I was shocked. I said "so my child is supposed to just have seizures til then"? And the nurse said "well she's going to have seizures anyway". Oh no she didn't! I can NOT believe she said that! I didn't even say anything back to her, I was in complete and utter shock she had said something so cold and callous. I'm still fuming, hours later. But then we came to check in to the hospital tonight and I found something else to be mad about. We got here at 6:30pm and they didn't have our orders. So I made some calls and managed to get ahold of the person who was supposed to send the orders this morning and she straightened it out. Then they had no beds available so we waited. And waited. They wanted us to go sit in the ER...and I quickly informed them there was no chance of that. Finally, two hours later they sent us up to a room. It was another 2-3 hours until they attempted an iv. And I do mean attempted. Her nurse tried twice and then got someone from the transport took him four more times before he got it. She was so good about it...never even made a peep. Just kept smiling through it all. She's been in a great mood today which was our only saving grace. Now if we can just get her to go to sleep. It's almost 1am and she's still wide awake. Please keep her in your prayers that we have a better day tomorrow and things go smoothly for once.


jocalyn said...

ugh. i hope you plan on filling out the comment cards!

thinking of you all and hoping reagan continues with the good moods!

hang in there...

Anonymous said...

How unprofessional and insensitive. I would complain.