Monday, May 17, 2010

Even sweet girls cry

Last night was another good one in the sleep department. It's really strange, Reagan went from not sleeping at all to sleeping through the night like a pro (without the help of meds). Definitely an answer to prayers! We were seriously about to go crazy with the lack of sleep last week! At least now we do have a back up medication to try next time around. Our neurologist spoke to the docs in the sleep clinic and they recommended something called trazodone...which is interesting because several parents had already recommended the same med to me! It's funny how parents always seem to know best! Of course we haven't tried this med yet, but at least we have an option if we should need it. Reagan had both OT and Feeding therapy today. She started off in a good mood for OT although she was a little sleepy. Then about 15min into Feeding therapy we saw a sudden change of temperament and the tears started flowing. I think it was tummy pains because she was having some gas at the same time. Either way...therapy was over. It's hard to do feeding therapy with a crying kid! So we left and Reagan cried the whole way home but settled down soon after we got home and was great for the rest of the day. I noticed at therapy that her gj-button was leaking a little so I checked the balloon (that holds the button in place) when we got home and it was half empty! I don't know if it's wearing out and leaking or if it was just a fluke. I guess I'm going to have to keep an eye on it...a new gj-button may be in our future (which is no small feat, it has to be changed out at the hospital by the interventional radiology team). So far still no poop since starting the fruit-eze...but Reagan would go days without going even on Miralax. Today we doubled the fruit-eze, so hopefully we'll see some "movement" soon! I just don't want her to be in pain. I love my sweet girl! (See pic below...finally we have our internet working again!)


Cjengo said...

awww she looks so sweet laying there.

jocalyn said...

oh my gosh! so stinkin cute!!!

and i just saw the new button (may not be new, i'm just behind) but I love that picture too.

when did she get so big?!