Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Reagan has had another good day today. She's been very cuddly and sweet. She's still very groggy and sensitive to light, but the movements have settled down and she's less tense and more content. Tuesdays are busy for her with three different therapies at home but she managed to take little cat naps between them so it worked out pretty well. We did have some technical difficulties with her current stander (we had to hold it upright in order to keep it from dropping down), so I sure hope we can get the new one sooner rather than later. I still haven't heard back from anyone with the results of her EEG, not to mention no one has contacted us about her going in patient tomorrow. I guess I'm going to have to make some calls first thing in the morning to figure out what we need to do. I don't have anything together yet, so I'm hoping we don't have to go in til the afternoon. I am getting more nervous about the MRI on Thursday...well not the MRI, but the anesthesia. Please keep Reagan in your prayers that everything goes smoothly. No complications whatsoever.


Lacey said...

I'm glad she had a good day. I was just thinking its probably time we get another EEG on Jax and see how horrible his seizure activity continues to be!

Jamie said...

Going up on Madies V.Acid...thats the plan now...more stress!
Reagan sweetpea is in my thoughts. Give your mama some rest~!