Friday, May 21, 2010

Brand new gj-button

So while Reagan continues to be in great moods, she was having some issues falling asleep again last night. You could tell she was exhausted, she'd doze off, and then jolt back awake again. Over and over again. Finally we just laid her in bed, but who knows how many times she woke back up. As the morning neared she'd cry out, move around, but by the time I'd get to her bed, she'd be back out. She did this quite a few times too. So needless to say, no one really got a solid night's sleep last night. As far as her days go, we couldn't ask for a better girl! I can't even believe how smoothly the gj-button replacement went today. We got there for our appt at 1pm, they took her back around 1:20pm and they brought her back out to us 20min later...just as happy and content as before! Amazing. This girl is such an angel. On the way home you could tell she was sleepy but she continued to have a hard time staying asleep. She kept jolting herself awake over and over again. As soon as we got back home she was wide awake and ready to go! Very alert, making lots of great eye contact with those big blue eyes. She even through in some laughs and squeals as well. She's been great. I just love to see her this way because I know she's feeling well. We even had another unsolicited poop today! Who needs Miralax...she's on a role! Good days for my girl. Please keep it in your prayers that they continue!

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Heather said...

The blog looks darling.I need a change too.Feel like too much is going on.Kinda like my life on most days!

Anyway,so excited to hear about the Fletcher's.Where did you end up finding it.May have to employ it's powers!

Hoping you are having a good weekend.