Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back home...finally

We didn't get to bed til about 1:30am last night (this morning) and Reagan was still awake. Not sure when she fell asleep but boy did she sleep. Us, not so much. Mike shared the bed with Reagan and said she kept kneeing him in the back all night. I slept on a fold out chair that was as hard as a rock. Reagan was still out like a light when I woke up at 7am to give her her medicine. She slept til 10:30am or so and continued to be pretty groggy. We didn't know what time her MRI would be but apparently we got pushed back so we didn't head to MRI til noon. Reagan was getting sleepy again on the way there. The anesthesiologist was great. I absolutely loved her. She handles most of the mitochondrial patients (lots of anesthesia is not safe to use in kids with mito so they have to use special precautions). She saw how groggy Reagan was and decided to keep the anesthesia to a minimum and she didn't even intubate her (just gave her oxygen by mask). They didn't get started til 1pm and they finally called us back around 2:40pm. Everything went smoothly and she was sound asleep afterward. She actually wouldn't wake up...big surprise, she was already tired before the anesthesia. They decided to just let us go back up to our room, since her vitals were fine, and let her wake up there. They had orders to just let us go home, but the nurse was nervous about doing that seeing how sleepy Reagan was. We kept telling her that she just does this and that there are days she sleeps the entire day. She paged our doctor and was trying to get her to agree to release her when Reagan finally woke up. We left the hospital around 7pm...much later than we were anticipating. It's been a long day. Reagan did GREAT. She's wide awake now and still in a great mood. This girl is such a trouper. Thank you so much for your prayers and keep them coming...we've got another EEG tomorrow. It's a short one but hopefully it will get read quickly and we'll have some clue as to what's going on with these head "twitches". Pray they're not seizures. NO seizures.

I love this picture!


Heather said...

I love this picture too.And of course she is a trooper... she is amazing!Didn't want to bother you today,maybe we will catch each other tomorrow.Prayers that all goes smoothly with the EEG and that answers come and you can move forward and that there are NO SEIZURES!Zero.Zilch.Nada.Nothing.Those are my prayers.

Jackson's Blog said...

That is picture is HIlarious! Hope things went well today too!