Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby steps

Today things seem slightly steps...but we'll take it. Reagan slept well last night not waking til 7:30am this morning. Too bad she woke up nauseous, throwing up almost immediately. Poor girl...not the best way to wake up. But she held her own and her mood today was certainly better than in previous days. No more crying and even the occasional laugh, although you could tell she still didn't feel quite right. She was very tired and still not wanting to open her eyes. I spoke to ophthalmology first thing this morning and they were able to work her in at 11:55am. They checked her intraocular pressure and it was 23/24, which I think is a little high, but maybe that's due to her having lens implants. Everything else looked good on her eye exam so the doc really doesn't think it's glaucoma or cataract related. Her suggestion was either neurological or possibly allergies. She gave us a script for some allergy drops to try with her. So we'll see. I know my eyes itch like crazy because of my allergies. Then we headed over to the pediatrician's office to get Reagan checked out after having such a lousy weekend. No ear infection, no strep...those would be too easy. Probably something viral...nothing we can do but wait it out. She does seem a little better today so I'm hoping the upward swing will continue. Everything is still on schedule for having the MRI on Thursday. We'll check in on Wednesday night to get her hooked up to an iv before stopping her feeds (so she never goes into a fasting state...oh the joys of the mitochondrial diagnosis). And then she'll have the MRI sometime Thursday morning. I'm hoping they'll let us go home afterward, but who knows. Definitely curious to see what this MRI shows. It's been two years since her last and from what I hear the MRI at Memorial Hermann is a stronger magnet providing higher resolution images than the one at Texas Children's. We're still waiting to hear back on the results of the 23hr EEG. The head twitches continue, so I'm extremely nervous and anxious to get these results back. Please keep it in your prayers that it's not seizures and that Reagan can beat whatever she's fighting and get back to her sweet, happy self as soon as possible.

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