Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweet girl

Reagan finally slept through the night in her own bed last night!!! Yay!!! She was a little restless when I first laid her down and I was worried she wouldn't last, thankfully she did. She woke up early around 6:30am and I put her in our bed where she giggled and smiled and kicked...not wanting to go back to sleep at all. She's been in a great mood today. This morning especially, she was so smiley and cuddly, so precious! This afternoon she had a few little meltdowns but mainly when she got tired. She took two good naps today...quite unusual for her. We haven't seen any more of the startle episodes, thank God. I have seen a few head twitches though, a couple yesterday and some today as well. Hopefully it's nothing but a twitch. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. I'm not sure when they'll get her in for the 23hr EEG this week. I'm hoping sooner rather than later. She's got doctors appts Wed and Thurs and I really don't want to have to reschedule them.


Anonymous said...

Oh what great news! Sleep in her own bed and waking up with smiles and giggles. That is wonderful!!! We continue to pray for your angel, no seizures and more good days like these for Reagan, and for you too! :)

Jamie said...

Im all like "huh? I left a comment"? lol Im with "Jamie" on this one..
sometimes as long as madie is content she is ok in her bed.(aside from sitting and If its late and she is still up its IN bed you go..mamas need sleep! lol
SOoOOoO happy to hear Miss Reagan in her own bed! I tell ya this girl has a plan..she KNOWS she can get into mamas bed if she tries hard enough..;)