Friday, April 16, 2010

Still off

Things are still off around here. Reagan woke up crying and ended up spending most of the night in our bed. This morning she was up early crying again. She had a small throw up first thing and then two big ones tonight. I'm clueless as to what is going on with her. I don't know if the nausea is just picking back up or if the hypothetical sinus drainage down her throat is making her choke and throw up. She's still super stuffy and has been wiping at her nose all day. She also had a low grade temp today, but she's had that off and on for weeks. It's just so frustrating. Why is it that Reagan continues to throw up like this even with an empty stomach? Why is it that none of the doctors seem to care? It's the same way we felt with the was like no one even cared about stopping them but us! We really thought we were in good hands with this mitochondrial doctor, but she has been less than interested in Reagan's case. I guess it's like Mike said...for those kids that the doctors think have a chance, a shot at living a semi-normal life...they actually DO care. Unfortunately that has not been our experience at all. Other than her pediatrician, I don't know if any of her doctors really care about helping her. That's a frustrating feeling. A helpless feeling as a parent. Please keep her in your prayers...that this is only sinuses and that she's feeling better in no time! Tomorrow would be nice.

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Dawson said...

I just can't imagine being in that situation. It really breaks my heart that you guys don't get the satisfaction of knowing the doctors in her life are doing everything, i mean everything,they can to help her. I have to admit it actually angers me a little!!

They are supposed to care regardless of what they assess her outcome to be. If nothing else... they are PAID to care!! At least, they should give the appearance that they care.

Anyway, im really trying hard not to rant and rave too bad but my goodness.... why don't they try harder to figure out something to help her??

How long must you endure this?? It seems as though there is always something going on with her. I can't imagine how difficult all this must be to endure for this length of time.. How in the world are you still sane????

We have been praying literally for years for Reagan.. I promised you we would. We will continue with our prayers. I KNOW God is hearing them. I KNOW he has a plan...

Hoping that those good days that are sprinkled in here and there will become more numerous.

Lots of love for you guys!!