Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sleep it off

Last night was not much of a night for sleeping. Reagan woke up from her 8hr nap at 10:30pm and was not looking the least bit tired. But she was grumpy. Sometime around 12:30am the grumpiness peaked and she was just impossible to please. Needless to say, my patience was not at it's best at that time of the morning. She kept yawning like crazy but would not go to sleep. Finally sometime after 2am I was done and I put her in bed next to Mike where she eventually fell asleep. I don't know why I didn't try that sooner. This morning we had nurse number 5 come and I LOVE her. I'm so excited that we finally found someone who is a good fit. Unfortunately we'll only have her 3 times a week and another nurse (that I'm not that crazy about) for the other two days. I'm going to give the other nurse a try but if she doesn't grow on me, I plan on telling the agency to keep looking! For now I'm just happy to have one nurse I really like. Reagan has been a little sleepy today...taking two naps. I guess she's still trying to catch up on all the missed sleep from the last couple days. Overall her mood has been good, I guess she didn't want to scare away the new nurse. Tonight she's been a little cranky though. We have a few hypotheses as to what brought on the tears and big sad lip. For one, she's still yawning a lot. Maybe she's just tired. Two, I had noticed that her gj-tube was turned upside down and wasn't sure which way to turn to right it, although I "think" I turned it the right direction (gj-tubes are a little different from can't let them rotate because it will wind up the tubing that goes into the intestine). I sure hope it's not the tube because that could land us in the ER. Three, she had a big poopy diaper and some gas, which never makes her a happy camper. Of course these are all just guesses. We're actually pretty clueless. Hopefully she'll get a good night's sleep tonight and sleep it off. Please continue to keep her in your prayers...we've got an EEG coming up and we are PRAYING for no seizure activity!!!


Missy said...

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know that while you aren't suppose to spin the GJ tubes, Samuel's rotates many many times before any problems arise. The tubing can spin on the inside, but the problem we see when it spins is that a small kink forms in the G portion. At times, the kink has been bad enough to cause the J feeds to leak into the G and drain out his Farrall bag. I'd vent her G and make sure there's no formula there. If not, I'd guess that's not the problem.

Hope she feels better soon!

the Grandma said...

I am so happy to hear that my baby is doing a little better. Just know that the Grandma is ALWAYS thinking about you and praying for my little one! Another thing that I find so much comfort in, is the vast amount of people that are praying for our family. When I see the comments on your page, I feel so comforted by the realization that people we have never met, and may even possibly never meet....are praying for Reagan every day. How blessed can we possibly be??? I just want to thank everyone that has taken Reagan into their hearts, and to tell each and every one of you that we are so grateful for your prayers and support. Your support has meant more than you can possibly know. God bless you all! Love, the Grandma