Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo preview

Reagan has been a handful today (but maybe that's just because I had no help today). She slept well last night and even slept in late this morning...a little too late...that should have been my first clue. I'm glad she slept in though, it gave me time to get her medicines ready and in her. When the PT showed up at 10:30am Reagan was still sleeping. She did some leg & ankle stretches with her that finally woke the little sleeping beauty. She actually seemed in a good mood. We even put her in the stander for a while with no complaints whatsoever. Then this afternoon is when the mood shifted. She was antsy and feisty. Then the crying started. Sobbing. She definitely seemed to be in pain. Then she had some serious gas and cried herself to sleep. Poor girl. Since then she's pretty much been sleeping nonstop. That's right, all afternoon! I spoke to the pediatrician's office today and they said that this is pretty typical and not to worry (and all her other tests came back fine). That she'd probably continue to have a low grade fever and be a little off for several more days til she fully gets over this virus. Ugh...I just want her healthy!!!!! Please keep my sick little one in your prayers. Today we finally got a glimpse at some of Reagan's photos taken from her Littlest Heroes photoshoot. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with medically fragile or special needs kids as they have photographers throughout the US. I had put off having professional photos taken of Reagan because of the substantial cost as well as the awkwardness of having to explain our situation to some stranger. This program paired us up with a local photographer who had generously volunteered her services because she wanted to help others and for that we are very thankful. Her name is Erin Golan and she's posted a sneak peek of Reagan's photos on her blog for everyone to see. I absolutely love some of the photos and can hardly wait to see the rest!


Debbie said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

What a blessing to have such a resource, and have such quality pictures!

Praying for you and Reagan always!

Happy and Blessed Easter...

Anonymous said...

Oh the pictures are so beautiful!! Reagan looks like an angel. Thank you for sharing and also for introducing me to Littlest Heros. Our daughter has CP and also CVI, it's really tough to get a good one of Tatum. I have left many studios in tears because she won't look at the camera and also to find an understanding photographer is almost impossible! Can't wait to call them.

Praying and praying for Reagan!

jocalyn said...

OH MY GOSH! They are SOOOO precious! And you look absolutely beautiful too.

When we did our LHP shoot, they gave us a CD and we were able to print whatever we wanted. If you have that option also, I highly recommend MPix to print them. They are professional grade, and we were able to get a large canvas print very inexpensively!

I'm so glad you finally got your pictures taken :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Jamie said...

how can I not say these are so beautiful! Brings a tear to my eyes seeing Reagan so happy..amazing. just amazing.
have a wonderfull Easter.